Price List

ECD Wipe Test

$50 wipe test kit

ECD Disposal

$750 All ECDs

          Perkin Elmer – $500
          Shimadzu – See Below

$750 IMS

$100 Anode

ECD Cleaning & Testing



The incoming unit is checked for external surface contamination. If the unit is above limits, the customer is notified. If required, the unit is decontaminated. The unit is disassembled and further inspected. The unit and foil are cleaned.

If the ion current after cleaning falls below factory specifications, the customer will be contacted. After cleaning/inspection/testing, the unit is reassembled with new gas seals and leak tested to assure integrity of the gas seals.

ECD Unit Repair

$1285 – Repair with New 5 mCi Foil
$1315 – Repair with New 10 mCi Foil
$1400 – Repair with New 15 mCi Foil


If, after cleaning, the foil fails to meet the factory specified ion current, the unit may be repaired by installing a new Ni-63 foil. Pricing does not include the cost of misc. replacement parts or disposal.


We do clean and dispose of Shimadzu ECDs, however we require that you contact Shimadzu first. / 1-800-477-1227 ext.1865